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Magic 60

We have set the date for this year's Magic 60! Join us on Thursday, May 25th from
5:30-7:30 at the Central Campus Auditorium.


Magic 60 Funding Guidelines


In an effort to engage community members in improving Minot, the Minot Young Professionals and United Community Bank have partnered to provide $7,500 for Magic 60, a microgrant program, as a vehicle for residents to make an impact on our community.  


The premise of Magic 60 is that community members are asked to think of projects that add to the quality of life in Minot and present them to a judging panel.  The only caveat: All presentations must be made in sixty seconds or less.


Magic 60 will provide funding in the following focus areas:

  • Arts, Culture, and Creativity

  • Basic Human Needs

  • Community Building

  • Education

  • Other Charitable Purposes and Intents  


Community members are encouraged to submit project ideas that run the gamete, from community art and music projects to events and charity programs.  A panel of community members will judge each project throughout the event and make funding decisions before the event concludes.    


Magic 60 will consider ideas from individuals, groups, and organizations; however, all eligible projects must be for general community betterment - meaning that private business ideas will not be considered.

To submit an idea for a project and to pitch it at the Magic 60 event, community members should submit a description of their idea (no more than 150 words) to MinotNDYP@gmail.com by May 19th.

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